graduation time - can we skip it? Please?

Well, sat through my daughter's graduation from Seminary last night. Seminary - for those of you not familiar with it - is a religion class that lasts the four years of high school The kids graduate from it just like from High school. It doesn't mean anything in the working community, but it's nice for the them an added thought that they have completed something worthwhile and has strengthened their knowledge of the Savior Jesus Christ.
Well...we sat there thinking about how far our lives have come. I have twins the same age...and just a minute a go I'm sure they were learning to walk...where does the time go? My hubby and I were crying and the other twin (who chose NOT to graduate) is like, why are you crying??? I stuck my tongue out at her, figuring she is not going to understand. It's almost harder on my husband - he is so tender hearted inside, they have no idea. This special man is such a gift to me.
Anyway, here we are thinking, wow. In a short 6 weeks, they will be considered old enough to leave home and find their own way in the world. I remember when I was at this point, and I was going to college. I had no idea why, just cause it was expected.
These two aren't graduating from school. They didn't get enough credit, and now they have to scramble through summer school and take the GED to get an adult diploma.
That is part of the tears. If only they could have tried harder, been more motivated...something...we would be going to the big time graduation. The one I remember as being HOT and stuffy and terribly boring...(grin)
Now they don't even fit into the school auditoriums...they have to rent out the college ball game fields and charge addmission. I don't think it's particularly worth it...I don't think the kids have any idea.
Oh well...I have another one who is trying to graduate next year. I'm not thinking she's going to make it either. Really makes me wonder where we went wrong. Where did their lack of drive or ambition come from? We can only hope that they'll pull themselves through adult hood with better skill than they have teenagerism.
My babies are growing up, and I'm glad, but sad at the same time. They were so adorable when they were little and playing on the carpet. The time is so fleeting - I almost wish I could just hold those moments again in my hand, grip it tightly so it won't go.
I love them.


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