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Well, I've decided to try and journalize my experiences here regarding ear stapling. I don't know if it will benefit anyone or not - but there we go.

Those of you who know me know that I've been overweight my entire life. There was a short period while I was in college that I was able to loose some with Weight Watchers (tr) but after I got married and had children, it came back with a vengance. I have tried all sorts of diets, but haven't been able to really stick to anything for any lasting benefit. We were contemplating gastric banding (there was no way I was going to do anything more drastic like the bypass!) but found our insurance won't cover it, and it's close to $17,000 for the proceedure. Forget that!!!

We have a neighbor who is also our Chiropractor, and he does acupuncture at his offices. (Not him personally, but he has it offered) We talked to him about it and he told me to think about it for a couple of weeks, knowing it would take effort on my part - it wouldn't be a miracle cure.
We came back and decided to do it. I didn't even realize he was talking about an ear staple! I thought I was getting needles in my ear or something! He is licensed to perform this aspect, so I felt fine with him doing it.

I had heard about stapling a long time ago - but had forgotten all about it and had never concidered it. Now I'm wondering why?

But anyway, it was relatively simple - he found the spot in my ear where it's supposed to affect the appetite center of the brain, and clamped the staple in. He said that his patients have told him it's like getting your ear pierced with the gun, and I guess that's pretty much it. He kind of loosened it a little, and sent us on our way. He did tell us that it usually only has a 60% success rate, so it's still something that's not going to happen over night.

After this, I went home and got online and looked up the procedure. (I know, a little LATE! grin) I found that there are many differing oppinions about it, on both sides of the fence. Apparently what he told me was correct. One site said there is usually 20% that have dramatic results, 20% that it doesn't really do anything for and 60% that it has average results.

I'm hoping I'm going to be one of the dramatic (grin) but probably not. In the two weeks he told us to think about it, he asked me to try an acid free diet. I think it's crazy, but I'm still trying to follow it. Basically no or little bread and pasta!!! argh! It's been a little hard in that department. Little meat (like that's a big surprise) and lots and lots of veggies and some fruit. I lost 4 pounds in those two weeks before I got the staple! The hardest part is weekends and we are eating all the meals together as a family. We don't always eat at a set schedule, and he says to follow that plan, you should. Hmm.... we're trying. My hubby is being a champ and trying it with me. I guess we'll see how he does too.

At this point, I haven't really felt any benefit from it, although at least it's stopped being really painful (much as when your ears are healing from being pierced). I can sort of lay down on it now, but it's still tender. There is no sign of infection, and we are told that shouldn't happen as long as I keep things clean.

I'm going to keep track of my weight here as well...so I guess here goes - (it's really hard to see it in physical numbers, okay?)
January 2006 -
weight - 322 lbs
height - 5'7"
Normal blood sugar
High Blood pressure
Good Cholesteral

Sorry for the spelling, I'm a writer, but I love the dictionary and the spell checker!
So, anyway. If you're going to comment, please do not post anything obnoxious or negative - it's a little late now. thanks.
Have a good one!


jromer said…
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rrhobson said…
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Brent said…
Hi, got my ear stapled today. I was hopeful and desparate. How's it going for you now? Please tell me your still loosing. My ear still hurts.
G.Ellen said…
It was a courageous step...at least that's what I wished someone had said to me. Yes, your ear will stop hurting - it took mine almost a full week to totally stop hurting. Even then, it was sensitive to the touch for a while too.
I'm not sure I'm an encouragement...I haven't GAINED anything, and that in itself is probably a positive thing. I just haven't lost anything else either. I'm fairly sure it has to do with excersise. Are you able to get much of that in? Good luck!!!

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