Yard sale anyone?

Why do we do it? Everytime we hold a yard sale, we promise ourselves that we will never do it again. It's never been profitable, it usually costs more than we make on whatever we are trying to sell - and then it's the people.
I just love people's comments on things...and how they always try to talk you down on the price. Say we want $5 for something, will we take 3? or less? Hello...it's not like you could find this item for $5 anywhere anyway...but that's not the point. There are those who feel they have to treat us like this is Tijuana and bargaining is the norm. sigh. Sorry...we aren't desperate, we just want to clear the stuff out of our closets, you know?
Anyway, we gave in and decided to help out a family member by helping get stuff out of her house this past week. We also decided (in a brief moment of insanity)to hold a moving sale for her, thinking we might get some money for her. That was our first mistake.
We decided after Saturday was over, perhaps we were just supposed to help get the stuff out of her house. It proceeded to rain, snow and hail - just about everything but show sunlight for the entire time we were holding the sale. (sigh)
After we got cleaned up and put everything away and went to the store, the clouds were dispersing and the sun was out!!! I could have screamed. It was crazy.
We made enough to cover the add in the paper, and probably the gas we put in the vehicles to move the stuff out of her house. Oh well...at least it's out of her house, right?
We did a good deed, everyone is happy, we just don't have a garage until after hubby gets off work and we get everything else loaded up to the DI...
ah the joy of service in the spring in the west...


Mimo said…
Hi! I found your blog doing a search for "LDS Mom".
That was really nice of you to help your family member with the garage sale. I've only read this page of posts, and wanted to say "hi!".
Sounds like the staple is doing something, that's great! I've never heard of it. Good luck with that.

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