Happy Mothers Day...I think...

Well...I realized that I should have posted something in honor of this day and that I was remiss. This day always leaves me feeling torn and conflicted. Torn because I want to go choke all the emotional outpourings of perfection from the speakers I have to listen to, and conflicted with the joy those little cherubs bring to my life.
You see...I love my children, and I'm very thankful I have them--but there are many times when I really wish they belonged to someone else.
Ever have thoughts like that?
Now that two of my children have 'left the nest' so to speak, mother's day was really strange. One daughter came and spent some time with us--bringing gifts. It was sweet. The other one called, so I had that. She'd totally forgot it was mother's day. Who was there to remind her? No one.
Isn't that what mothers are for? (grin)
I hate sitting through church meetings where they espouse the wonders of the mothers past and present and make the rest of us--who are not quite Molly material--feel even less so. My children are quick to tell me they think I'm great, and there have been times when I've been Molly-ish, but I'm not really.
It's never been my goal in life. I did not grow up dreaming of the day I'd become a mom, and think of all the fun things I would do with my kids.
Kids used to scare me.
I just dreamed of getting married and living happily ever after with the man of my dreams. Never mind that he had visions of children dancing around in his head--primarily nine of them so he could have his own baseball team. (grin)
Well..he didn't end up with that many, but he got more than the one or two I'd thought about. And I wouldn't give up any of them for any amount of money--despite the fact they drive us crazy and make us wish teenagers disappeared until they were 25.
So...with that in mind, I am thankful for my blessings. It was a wonderful day, I didn't have to cook, the children were calm and played well together. We sat outside and talked while I relaxed on my porch swing and admired all of God's creations.
It was truly a wonderful day.
I hope yours was too.


KB said…
Honesty for Mothers Day. How refreshing! :)

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