World's Fastest Indian

I really hope that anyone that watches this movie doesn't take America on that assumption--short of how everyone manages to help him reach his goal. The start of his trip isn't too auspicious, but at least he finally gets to the Salt Flats.

I was so impressed with this movie. I loved how everyone rallied around him and helped him reach his goal when they realized how far he had come to fullfill it. It makes me take an evaluated look at my own life and my own dreams. How far am I willing to go to reach them?

I think most of my life has been one of convenience. If it worked, I did it. I didn't really strive hard for anything, outside of my marriage and my children. But this past year I've discovered that I do have the capability to achieve what I set my mind to. I never thought I could. I've discovered that I can make myself write everyday. I can control what I eat. I can make myself walk. It's been an eye opening experience.

Have you done that lately?


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