Have You Forgotten?

I have to make a quick post this morning, as I've run out of time. I have so much to say, and invariably, I run out of time to say it in. Sigh.
I said a lot in a short story I wrote a month or so ago, and I'm going to put the link here so that you can read for yourself.

Have you forgotten this day 5 years ago? Where were you when the towers were falling? Were you watching TV like most of us, glued with horrified fascination that something so terrible could happen to us? We have been so protected in our nation. We don't have attacks that others could almost count daily. We are protected by the very government many protest, derile and abuse.

Granted, there are many in our government who are only there for political gain, power and prestige. But there are still those who are there to serve the people and protect our rights.

Have you forgotten that day? Have you forgotten the feelings of fear as you looked in the sky and wondered if your city was next? I remember watching our fighter jets fly over head, so very thankful that they were there!!

I wear a pin today that I got from my brother who is now a retired sheriffs deputy. It says "United we Stand". How many of us have forgotten?

We cannot forget! We as a people tend to get lazy and lax when fear dissipates and we don't remember to do the things that are necessary.

Please remember this day. Honor those who gave their lives for others and for our freedoms every day in the mid east.

This war is important. Despite what the right-wing would have you hear, believe and do--we are doing the right thing. This war needs to be fought--where it is being fought. Or we just might have it in our own backyard.
Never Forget.

I won't.


Melanie, I have not forgotten. It still upsets me today. I don't think we responded quickly and decisively enough at the very start to catch and stop the real culprits. A surgical strike team would have done the job better and the families could have had more closure. Perhaps there would have been no beheadings since then either. All we did was encourage them to do more.

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