The Trouble with Tribbles...or Children

Well...I happen to have that episode as my favorite on Star Trek. I love it when he opens the storage doors and they're full of Tribbles. I feel that way at home rooms are full of troubles...or should I say children. sigh.

I love my children. They are truly a blessing in my life. Unfortunately, they are also a trial. I have twin daughters that are turning 20 this year. Yes...the years are catching up to me. I can't believe my babies are turning 20! But anyway, back to what I was saying: One of them has taken it as her life's goal to turn her father gray. This is quite an effort because her father comes from a genetic line where the men do not turn gray on the tops of their head. Their beards turn gray, he has gray on his chest, but there is no gray on that gorgeous head!

She has tried since she was 12 to add that gray hair. Instead of going to my husband, however, it has gone to me. I have all the gray hair both of us can stand (or not stand in my case). Fortunately there is such a thing as hair dye...and I use it whenever I can't stand the sight of all that white glaring at me from the mirror.

My husband is sweet, he tells me he likes it, and that I should look upon them as highlights. My daughter commented (the OTHER one of the twins) in the pool last night that it was a cool streak of gray and I should keep it like that when I dye my hair next. sigh. I feel like they are all just too nice and just don't understand how the inside of me feels. I'm only 25 inside. I haven't aged mentally (is that a good thing to say?) since I got married. I still feel the man I married is wonderful and I still feel that we have eons together. So what is up with the face in the mirror??? At least I don't have tons of wrinkles...yet.

So-I was saying about this daughter- she's enough to drive one to drink if one was into that sort of thing. We end up playing games on our computer or finding funny movies to watch, wishing we could take a LONG vacation that we wouldn't have to come home from. sigh. I keep hoping she'll move out again, and then it will be a little easier to deal with. At least she won't be running up our power and gas bills or influencing her siblings...

Did I say that in public? oh dear.

At least I still love her. I just wish she'd pay rent!

Have a good one.


C. L. Beck said…
Ooo, "The Trouble With Tribbles"! You can't beat that Star Trek episode, it's one of my favorites.

Sorry to hear that you're struggling with your one daughter. There is some consolation ... tribbles just eat and multiply, while children eventually grow up. And with a little luck, have a child just like them. When that happens, you get the supreme joy of sitting back and smiling because you know they've met their match.:-)

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