I had a Mom moment this morning...

Every now and then we love to have these moments. Moments when you feel that your past patience and long suffering have been justified and your child comes to you and says you were right about something you told them. Moments that make you feel perhaps you have done something right with your progenitors, despite all your fears.

I was lucky enough to have one of those moments this morning. I'm trying not to make too big a deal out of it, I'm not going to mention it the child later. But, I'm going to talk to my husband so we can high five each other and salve our sagging confidences as parents.

Everyone feels that way--even if it's only a little bit. We do all the stuff 'they' say we're supposed to do; advise our children against bad things, try and feed them and clothe them and usually we get teenage responses. The fun part (I am discovering) is when they get older and see some of the wisdom of your words. They come home and shake their heads and say, man! If only we had listened to you earlier...man! If only I had saved like you told me. Man! If only...

Well...today's little moment wasn't the time to rub anything in. It was simply a time to listen and condole and support and store away in the brain that perhaps you can suggest new friends...help guide a little bit. But that remains to be seen. At least for today, I get to feel a little like I did something right, and enjoy the moment.


C. L. Beck said…
Aren't those moments grand? With boys it usually happens when they're in the MTC.

Nothing is as rewarding as having your children tell you that you were right.

(I wonder if they feel the same way when we think to tell them they were right about something?)

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