spring and kittens

Well...I realized the other day that I hadn't posted in a while, sigh. I'm really not good at this bit, I have so much I'd rather do, even writing wise, than sit and think of things to blog - sometimes. But I'm feeling guilty, so I'll see what I can come up with.
I mentioned before that we have kittens? They seem to have sprouted out of the ground like tulips. My flowers are soooo much fun. I love spring for the flowers.
But I digress...
kittens. They are now big enough to be doing everything and running everywhere and climbing on EVERYTHING!! I just don't know...I think they might be worse than kids, and I've had seven of those. There are only FIVE kittens. I'm wondering sometimes if they don't have clones and when they are chasing each other around, the clones are fighting off somewhere in the corner where we can't see them. They certainly make enough squeals. But they have also started purring, and ohhhh, is that too cute or what???
So, I took a picture of one that was wandering around my keyboard so you could see just how cute they are. This one is formerly TT, now Theresa, because, ya know, Tiggers are BOYS.


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