And the Beat Goes On

Well, I decided that I love having children. Not necessarily because they bring me joy, (which they do sometimes) or that they are a blessing (which I usually consider them as) or that they are brilliant and funny - well most of the time. I love having my children because they are so convenient to order around.

It's like having a built in slave, but one that is not quite as willing to be one. It's also, kind of pay back for my parents. I know everyone has heard the phrase, 'I hope you have a kid just like you,' said by every frustrated mother in the world. Well, it usually happens, which is really sad, when you think about it, because you always hope your children are going to be BETTER than you were.

sigh. But what cracks me up, is the conversations are just about the same. I say things I remember my mom saying to me, and it's like de ja vu. (however you spell it) I hear my husband say things to the children, and shake my head while laughing - that's exactly what my dad used to say! My brother has discovered the same thing. He remembers our dad lecturing us on turning off the lights. In fact, he was talking about this the other day, how he would round us all up and make us all go turn off three lights in the house. He remembers this so vividly, because he is doing the same thing with his own! It's way funny.

There are some changes. I heard a conversation with my son and husband the other day that filled me with hope.

Dad: Hey, you need to go out and get mowing those weeds so we can plow the garden.
son: And I want to do that, why?
Dad: Because you like eating and sleeping indoors.
son: I don't know, I kind of like sleeping outside.
Dad: Not where you'll be sleeping.

I like the fact that he reminds them they like eating and sleeping indoors. It brings a bit of reality back into the equation. Gives them something to have to say to their children that won't be the same old - brush your teeth, wear deodorant and don't tie strings to the cat's tail!


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