Anyone want a cat??

Okay, much as I love the darlings, they are driving me crazy. I have a curtain in my sunroom that now reeks of cat poop and pee, and my carpet is in need of serious cleaning. We have begun having them go outside to get used to the idea that they are going to be outside cats, but it seems to be slow going. Yesterday my hubby had to rescue one that was falling out of a tree - he didn't pull her out, he just caught her so she wouldn't fall five feet.

They also think that every time we sit down anywhere in the room - particularly my desk (where my computer is) is an invitation to come sit on us. Or on the keyboard. OR anywhere its impossible to type or do anything. It's not bad with one, but all five?
I think we've spoiled them...they are definitely people cats. Now what do we do with them???

Right now, I have one sitting on the desk in front of my keyboard because there is no lap for him as I type. One on my shoulder, one behind me on the seat of the chair, and two fighting on the back of my chair. ARGH! I managed to take a picture as they were sitting on the back of the chair behind me, they were very curious, one shot has the middle cat right up close...they crack me up, which is probably why they are still around.
However, they might become outdoor cats sooner than they are ready for...


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