Greetings to May - Cinco de Mayo and all that...

Well...I'm trying to get my act together. I'm trying to be more consistent with my blog, I'm trying to set up a website where you can view all my fantastic art work (well...okay, some good stuff to look at anyway) keep writing on a daily basis, submit work to be published and find a job before the end of the month when my current one ends. (Anyone need a typists? I really am quite good...)
I feel sometimes as if I've got too much on my plate, and I'm doing nothing with any of it. I hate that feeling. It's when it comes down to editing time, and I feel I need to be writing new stuff...I HATE editing sometimes.
Oh, and Cinco de Mayo is definitely an American holiday - or so I've heard. Do you realize we celebrate it bigger here in the states than they do in Mexico? I think that's hilarious. Just another symptom of the cultural stuff in America. Let's bring all our stuff here and make it bigger...not become an American, but I don't want to get into that this morning. I was or was not saying...LOL
I've been reading several published author blogs lately, and I've discovered there are some I like, and some I don't. Some I want to keep going back to see, and some I wouldn't care to. There are some that I thought were hilarious, but are now just a commentary on American Idol...(sorry, but I do NOT watch the show...that or any other TV program for that matter) so I have no interest in reading that blog again. Perhaps in the summer when Idol is on break.
I have been told I need to have a portfolio for my art work. I am trying to be an illustrator as well as a writer, and since I've actually had that happen (which was a shock to me, believe me) I've figured perhaps the best way is to have a web site where the work can be viewed. Anyone else have a suggestion?
Anyway, so I'm going to be setting those up in the near future. I'd love to have some feedback from someone who might be reading my blog...LOL...I know there's like ONE out there. (thanks sweetie)
Anyway, we ate taquitos and chips and watched Zoro for Cinco de Mayo. Oh, and part of Fools Rush In. We love that movie. sigh. I love Zoro, I think both those actors are great. Of course, I think Antonio Banderas makes a great cat too...LOL
Mothers day is coming up, and I know it's going to be a trial for my hubby. I'm hoping it goes smoothly for him this year. I know he feels bad that he can't shower me with material things, but his love does just nicely. Then again, he hates Father's day where do we go?
Well, time to end. I've got to see what else I can accomplish before time to go to work.


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