Memorial Day

Once again we come to Memorial Day weekend. The start of summer. The first big BBQ. The day when everyone gets their first sunburns...

Unless you live in Utah. It never fails. I remember last year when school got out, and the first day of summer was cold and cloudy. You'd think we lived by the ocean! Well..that's what today is like. Actually, though, I like it. I wasn't ready for the 90 degree weather yet. sigh. I really wish we lived somewhere less contrasting in cold through hot...but then I'd have to give up my view. I guess we can't have everything...

But I just wanted to mention that this is a day that we visibly and verbally acknowledge and honor those who have died in defending our country - and the others that we have fought for. My father is one of them. My father was a Ranger in WWII, and was there on D-day. My hubby keeps trying to get us to California on this weekend so that we can visit his grave - I've never seen it. One of these years we'll make it, and I'll take pictures. But for now...I honor him and others of my family that have served and are serving - may we never forget their sacrifices and the country for which they fought.

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