Stress - It's a Killer

One of my favorite animated movies that I don't get to watch much is Anastasia. I love the way the characters are done, especially the little bat. There's one scene where he's telling the bad guy how he needs to settle down and how his brother died from worrying about stuff. He tells him, "Stress - it's a killer, sir."

In watching family members and how they deal with it, I'm beginning to worry that he's right - especially with regard to my husband. Our older children are just causing us stress over things that we really have no control over - but you still can't help worrying about them, they are your children. It's such a frustration. You know they are making bad choices, and some of their choices end up affecting the rest of the family. What do you do at that point? Invite them to leave?

Well, we are praying and contemplating the best course of action. Then we have a wedding dinner tonight that we have to get to early because we have half the chairs for it - with all the kids who are home (did I mention it was a 45 minute drive? I get home at 3 pm and it starts at 4:30 and my hubby doesn't get off until then...), a wedding reception tomorrow as well as a couple of mystery shops, painting this weekend, one of my children's cars to fix and register, and my second oldest son starts his first job this Saturday.

I'm not sure whether I'm glad school is out in a week or not.


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