Ahh...Now That's Nice.

It's only been one week of summer, and already I'm enjoying the quiet of a morning without my four sons around. sigh. That's not the best thing to think, but I'm enjoying it. They are going to be gone for two hours, and instead of using that time wisely, which I should be (okay, tomorrow!!) I'm frittering the time away reading my emails and petting the kitty that's sitting on my arms. Okay, that makes typing interesting, but he's a sweetie.
Just a moment ago I had a hummingbird flying outside my window, and it was a wonderful thing. Add to that, my daughter just left for school and another one is at work, and I have the HOUSE TO MYSELF for another hour and a half!! What glorious freedom! What to do...what to do?
That's the problem. I have so many projects and things that need to be done, I'm not sure where I want to start first. What a wonderful dilemma, huh? I'm enjoying it. I just popped in one of my favorite CD's...Classic Williams (classical guitar) and now I'm going to go write.
Have a wonderful day!


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