Gabby Mouth

Well, I never would have thought of myself as a chatter box. But, having spent an hour and a half chatting with two neighbors, I decided I definitely fit the description. I told them it was probably the need to talk to an adult...since those in my home (the majority of the time) are under the age of 18...

Summer is probably the worse time for this, although, If I'm home by myself for great lengths of time, it would probably be even worse should I run into someone I know. I would bend their ear for a greater period of time, and soon all my friends would be avoiding me! sigh. At least one of my friends likes to talk as much as I do. Whenever I go to her house we have so much to talk makes me feel a little better.

I knew I was a social type person, but never this bad. sigh. My hubby just laughs...he knows I'm going to be gone longer than I say when I have these visits. He plans on it.

It's a good thing he loves me... ;)


Tristi Pinkston said…
Don't feel bad about it -- I talk to adults so rarely that I tend to not let them get away from me. :) And then I use works like "handy dandy."

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