Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary...

Well, today is my 21st wedding anniversary. Surprised? I am. It doesn't seem like it's possibly that long unless I look at my oldest daughters...sigh. They turn 20 in 6 days, so, ya know, it's possible.

My hubby and I went away for the weekend up to the mountains where it's supposed to be cooler. All I can say is that I hope everyone down here was sweating bullets, because we sure were hot up there. Especially at night. sigh. It will be a good thing when ski resorts recognize that they are a summer attraction now and need air conditioning...or at least condos with ceiling fans in them! Instead, they build them all with walls of windows, most of which won't open, and if they do, only part way.

At least it was gorgeous and I had my hubby...that was all that mattered. We tried to go out to eat on Saturday night, because we wouldn't be doing it tonight. I got to pick, and I wanted steak. We called the restaurant and they took reservations. That should have been our first clue. Then we had a little struggle finding parking, but it wasn't too bad, we only had to walk 4 blocks. (Going back up the hill was the pain.) We get there and they seat us and then hand us the menus. Then she asks us if we'd like some water while we are waiting for our waitress - listing off at least 6 different types of water, including the town itself - tap water. We couldn't believe it. Um...bring on the tap water, huh?

We got a good look at the menus, and realized that we were out of our league. The phone book said their prices varied between $5.95 and $49. We figured somewhere in between was workable. We had no idea that the lower prices were only the appetizers and side dishes. The entrees - the cheapest was $24! The majority were over $30, and there was no price under the 'seasonal lobster'...scary.

So - we did what any red blooded cheapskate American would do...we left. It could have been really bad, but my hubby went up to the hostess and explained that we had misread the phone add, and we really were unable to afford their prices. Did they want to charge us a sitting fee? They were sweet and said no problem-thanks for coming...etc. We were out of there. We ended up finding a Bajio Grill and eating there for a total of $23. Wow. I knew a good steak was hard to find, but hello?

Anyway, we came home yesterday, to find our home still intact, no one injured, and everyone reasonably healthy. That's a pretty good trip in our opinion. And...last night we got to sleep much cooler...ahhhh. Life is good!


Good blog Gaynell. I read you all the time on the LDS writers blogck. Keep up the good work.
C. L. Beck said…
Happy anniversay, even if it is a day late!

And good job on the blog.
Tristi Pinkston said…
Hey Gaynell!

Happy Anniversary! The 25th was my son's 6th birthday so we were celebrating over here too!

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