Summer School

Okay - so, every year (well, for the past three anyway) we've had kids in summer school. They usually give them a day or two off, and then it's to the grind. The only problem is, it's the parents that grind, not the kids. They have to get there at o'dark thirty, and then catch a bus (if we're lucky) home at which time we go meet the bus.
sigh. And then, the work they do is pretty basic, and they don't have any homework. So, we pay $45 per quarter credit for them to sit in a classroom, listen to some poor teacher that has to sit there for three hours (or however many classes they teach) and help the failing student make up credits so that perhaps they will graduate with the rest of their class.

I hate school. I never was tempted to home school my children, because I like having the time to myself (I know, I'm selfish - ask them) but sometimes I really hate school.
but...onward and upward.


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