I'm Avoiding the Dentist

Okay, not really, but it probably seems like it. I've just had to cancel my second dentist appointment this week, and it's getting down to the wire. I have a toothache that comes and goes and isn't a real problem, just one of those things that you know is going to be trouble if you don't take care of it. Monday I had to cancel because my son was going to be left home alone and unlike the kid in the movie, he doesn't handle it well.

Today I got called to work, and when it comes to earning money or going to the dentist, which would you choose? So...I canceled the appointment. Even now, as I type, my tooth is telling me that it was a mistake, and I might be having the pits of a weekend. sigh. The soonest they could get me after today was Thursday... It might be a very long week.


Karlene said…
Ouch! My husband did that--putting off the dentist thing. His tooth finally cracked in half and one side of it fell out. Now he won't go to the dentist because it doesn't hurt anymore. Men!
Tristi Pinkston said…
I really hate the dentist. I mean, hate. Hate, hate, hate.

Did I mention I hate the dentist?

Nothing personal -- I hate them all.
G. Parker said…
Ugh. Saturday it hurt sooo bad, and my appointment isn't until Thursday. I'm hoping I survive!
Thanks for visiting, Tristi

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