Well..I usually put this kind of post on my other blog, but since no one reads that blog, and some do this, I figured it would have more exposure here.

I just heard the most disgusting thing on the radio...Mrs. Shehan is at it again. She claimed a little while ago that she was going to retire from the protesting business. She was going to go back home and rest. Yeah. she's at Arlington Cemetery shouting for Pres. Bush's impeachment. Okay...and where was she when Mr. Clinton was chasing skirts? Apparently there were two bunch protesting. One was her group, and the other was in support of the military, calling her a traitor. She calls herself a patriot. She claims that if the Leader of the House doesn't call for his impeachment, she's going to run against her next year. More power to her. She'll probably get elected. sigh.

I guess it all comes down to point of view. If everyone who had ever had a family member die in fighting for our country, or for the cause of freedom, decided they wanted to impeach the current president, we would have a lot more than 42. It's like kicking out a family member instead of working through the difficulty every time you didn't like what they were doing.

Just because you don't agree with the current president doesn't mean you can toss him out on his ear when he doesn't do what you want. It's called being elected -- it was a vote. He won. He is the best man for the job, despite his weaknesses and mistakes. I would rather have him than anyone else out there right now. I guess we'll see what happens in 2008 -- I'm terrified as to what's going to happen.

I find it interesting how this one woman has gained so much attention. I couldn't get that kind of attention if I begged for it. (And I usually am! lol)

Let's hope that saner minds will prevail. Truth is finally coming out in little bits that we are succeeding over there -- perhaps the world will see afterall.

Only time will tell.


Amen to that. President Bush has made some mistakes, but Congress needs to butt out of the War and Terror. It's not their job and they suck at it. Leave it to the Commander in Chief who very wisely leaves it to the Generals on the ground.

Sheehan needs to go home and shut up. Of course, freedom of speech is what makes this country great . . . so even the morons get to speak up. Big sigh.

Thanks for blogging about this.
G. Parker said…
thanks for visiting, Candace!!
Tristi Pinkston said…
You know what, here's the thing.

When you go into the military, you know that chances are, you will get called into action. You make that decision when you enlist. You have to come to a place of peace with it, or you wouldn't enlist.

When you marry someone who has enlisted, you are taking that upon yourself as well. If your son enlists, you have to come to that same place of peace.

Protesting because your husband, son or boyfriend has been sent off to war *when you knew it could happen* is the stupidest thing in the whole world. It's like going outside in the rain and then complaining that you got wet.

I'd like to remind all of us that the things taking place in the Middle East have been prophesied, and they must take place in order to usher in the Second Coming. To anyone who protests the war, I simply smile and say, "But aren't you excited for the Savior to come back?" If they're religious at all, that usually helps put things in perspective for them.
G. Parker said…
What a way to put it!! Thanks for the thought, Tristi!

From my hubby...
'excited? some of us are a little like...not ready yet! Can I have a little more time? Even though I have faith in death and the resurrection, I'm really not ready to bury my children." but he said he was

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