My writing space

There have been some talk on the blogs about writing spaces. I saw someone's office that was positively adorable, with painted walls that would drive me crazy. I mean, it was wonderful, and most people would find it helped them with ideas, but it would have been too distracting for me. My writing space is in the corner of our 'sun room'. It's called the sun room because it gets the most sun, heat, etc. (grin) It used to be a huge deck (which I really wish it still was, but you know) and my mother-in-law enclosed it and used huge windows so that it still has a feeling of openness.

In one corner is our computer desk and on it is everything I need to write and work. (It used to be my hubbies desk, but he has let me take over.) I have CD's stacked near by, my reference books (such as they are) and printer and scanner. Usually, it's a mess (sigh) although I have been better at keeping it picked up.

But I wanted to show you my view. The photograph is the view out of the window right behind my desk. Actually, it's only one side of the window (I told you they were big) and so you have the most open view. The other side of the window has the computer monitor in front of it, so it wouldn't give you a very good idea. Anyway, I mentioned in my blog the other day how I love mornings and talked about my yard, now you can see what I was talking about. Isn't it a lovely shade of green?

If you look really hard, you can see the bean plants growing in our garden behind the wild looking apple tree, and to the other side you can see our melons and other part of the garden.

I had no idea how large our willow tree had gotten until we were looking at some old home movies and saw how small it was when we'd moved in 8 years ago. Man! The apple tree was about 1/2 the size you see now. sigh. We aren't very good at trimming...

Anyway, there's my office with a view. I love it, and the kids will tell you I spend most of my time there - of course it's not always time spent


Marsha Ward said…
That is such an awesome yard, G. Thanks for sharing it with me.
G. Parker said…
Thanks for visiting, Marsha!!
Karlene said…
That is gorgeous! I wouldn't trade it for the nicest office in the world. I'm totally jealous.

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