Wonder Woman!

Well...we had an experience a couple of days ago that was different.

I am not a person that likes confrontations. I get nervous and upset when I have to talk to my kids about something they've done bad! I really hate disagreements with my hubby, and rarely would talk to someone else about what I think they're doing. But this experience was an exception -- I guess.

My brother lives just less than a mile up the road from me in the old family house. (grin) It's only been this year that I've been able to refer to it as my brother's house instead of dad's house... Anyway, there is a big space behind his house that my dad had leveled and was hoping to make into a Tennis court. (My family is big on tennis.) Anyway, the neighbor who lived to the west of him owned land that we thought we did, and needless to say, it never was built. It's just this big empty lot behind the house.

His neighbor to the north has been using it to get to his back yard, which he had permission to do. Well, here we were, driving to pick up my son from work, and noticed someone was dumping garbage there! I about came unglued! My husband said we should turn around and get the license plate, so I turned around but we couldn't see one on the smaller dump truck. So, I pulled over and got out of the car. There was no way I was going to let someone dump in my brother's back yard! Part of the reason I was anxious is my brother has been on vacation and will be coming back this week. He wasn't there to defend his yard.

My hubby about had a heart attack as I walked in front of this truck and made him talk to me. He was sure the guy was going to pull a gun or run me over. Did I even think of that happening?? Not. Do I have a brain? Anyway, the guy was Hispanic, and didn't speak any English other than 'over there', etc.

He got out of the truck and a little kid came over an translated that they apparently had permission because my brother (or the neighbor, we weren't quite sure) wanted the dirt that the neighbor across the road was digging out of his back yard and dumping. They could dump the other stuff as well, and then pick it up all at one time when they were finished.

I figured I'd collaborate the story with my brother when he finally got back, and he'll probably laugh at me, along with the neighbor who is doing the work (who I also know). sigh. This is going to be a red faced moment for me. But who knew?

We get back in the car, and my hubby says, "Well, I guess we know what will make you confrontational, don't we?"

I about died.


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