Glorious Days of Fall

Well, yesterday we had a long day because our church was in the morning, so we took advantage of the opportunity and went up into the canyons to look at the leaves changing.

I also wanted to try out the camera we got at the yard sale. I've decided that it gets the glare from the sun a lot easier than our other camera.

Normally we don't get to do this until general conference in October, and by then the leaves have usually passed their prime. This was the first time in a long time we've got to them before the aspens really start.

It was soooo pretty! I wasn't able to do them justice, but I did get some of them.

My daughter also took a picture of my youngest two, the one on the top was trying to show off the large red leaf he'd didn't show up.

I hope to be able to get up there again before the aspens are dead, they will be a splash of yellow in the middle of the green and reds....sigh. I just love this time of year!


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