I got an award!

What a sweetheart! A blogging friend gave me an award today, and I'm sure she wants me to pass it on, so I'm going to have to go through and remember all the dear women I admire. There are so many of you out there! thanks again, Kerry!

Okay - now that I finally have a brain, I'm going to list those awards! Those of you who read your name, be sure to copy the picture to your blog so you can be proud of yourselves!! Remember, you are all special women and an inspiration to me.

Tristi (I realize she's already been awarded this, but what can I say?)
Candace! (you rock, lady!)
Karen (your poetry is showing your soul)
Karlene (your struggles are ours)
Please pass this award on to those you know! I could list pages of women who have touched my life and inspired me. Thank you ladies!!


You are so welcome. Iwas a cardinal too on the test. Have a great day!
Tristi Pinkston said…
Well, I really must be a wonder -- this is my third nomination. I just can't help how wonderful I am . . .

Thanks, Gaynell!
Anonymous said…
congrats! but what does this award mean? wonderful? kathleen
G. Parker said…
Well...I guess maybe it just means they like me...lol I'm not sure, but I never got an award before...

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