I'm Joining the Ranks of Blogdom?

Okay...I always thought that some of the hype around blogging was a little obnoxious, but you know -- writers have to advertise to get read.

So...lately I've been reading about feeds and stuff, and decided to add a new thing to mine. I'm not sure how it's going to work, or even if it's going to bring more people to my blog -- but if it does, then it will be worth it.

I've added Blogrush. You might want to check it out and see about adding it to yours!

I also had a wonderful idea on something to post, but it left me before I gathered it all in. sigh. So...I might post again (gasp, two posts a day? This might become addicting!).


A tip I just left on Anne Bradshaw's blog about this.

Don't try and find your Feed URL in Mozilla Firefox. You'll become a blithering idiot. Pull your blog up in Internet Explorer, click on the Post Atom link at the bottom of your blog and you'll have the URL.

Whew - thought I'd never figure it out.
G. Parker said…
Well...I finally found the rss feed and went with that, or is it the rrs?? lol who knows!
I think you're a wonder woman... come to my blog for details! you go girl!
Rebecca Talley said…
Interesting . . .I'll have to investigate the Blogrush thing.
Anonymous said…
i signed up for the blogrush today. have no idea what it will do for me, but i am giving it a shot :)

i don't know anything about how to do the rss thing.

i am loving writing a blog/journal. so glad to have stumbled upon this habit this past apr.

happy bloggin,

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