It's Friday!!

Okay, so it's not the thrill it used to be in school, especially college, but it's still fun. We usually party together as a family on Friday...or I get to do theater shops, which is fun because we love movies. Tonight we get to go bowling. While I suck at the sport - although I used to be good in college, sigh -- I love the interaction and the atmosphere.

Not all bowling alleys are the same though, and so some are more fun than others. Some cater to families, and have nights with neon balls and black lights, which are hilarious. Some have discounts for groups -- which we discovered on our daughter's bday, AFTER we had already planned the bday, but too late to use...sigh. Never fails.

Here's a photo my son took for his photo class of my hubby about to get a strike...he's sooo good. Did I mention he's mine?

Anyway, this weekend is also Stake Converence, so it's good and crazy at the same time. I don't least I'm feeling better and the temperature is lowering and life is good!


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