Labor Day...the beginning of Fall

We have a discussion in my house with our eldest son that Fall doesn't start until the calendar date. I've told him several times, that as soon as the temp finally falls below 80, we are looking at fall. It's not going to be this week, probably, since the forcast is 90's or 80's, but it's coming, and the nights are getting cooler, which is all I ask for!

I love three day weekends. We all get to sleep in, we all get to hang together, (especially me and my hubby-which is my favorite person to hang with anyway)and we have a BBQ and enjoy the last vacation day of the summer.

When I was growing up in California, the last official day of summer was Labor Day. We all knew school started the Tuesday after, and partied like mad that weekend. (well...partied as much as you can when you're LDS and don't do all the typical things associated with partying...LOL) We knew that there was a long stretch of time between that and our next day off, which was Thanksgiving. Then it was a shorter break between that and Christmas, which we got two weeks off for. Then we had a day in February, and then spring break sometime around Easter, usually the week before or after. Then we had to wait till Memorial Day to celebrate summer again.

I look at my kids schedules now, and they have at least one day off a month, seems like. While they don't get the long stretches of break like I did (unless they were in year round school) they get lots of little breaks. It drives me crazy. Who said school had to start the end of August? What good do those three days do?? And this year, they don't even get a spring break. They have a Friday and a Monday and that's it.

It's a good thing I'm not in charge. LOL

Anyway, one of my favorite seasons is on the way and I can hardly wait for the leaves to start changing!!

Enjoy the last day of summer, I know I will.


I absolutely adore fall. It is my favorite time of the year. The crispness in the air, the beauty of the mountains around us turning all the colors of the sunset. LaVell Edwards Stadium ringing with the smack of pads and the cheers of the crowd. Long early evening walks with my husband. Oh yeah --- definitely my favorite time.
G. Parker said…
oh yeah, and of course you bring football into the picture!! lol I'll bet you loved Saturday's game.
Rebecca Talley said…
I'm excited for fall, too.

I had hoped to spend Labor Day with my kids, but we had to make an unexpected trip to AZ. My kids will have another day off in October--they also have a day off every month, and 2 weeks for Christmas, and a week for spring break. Of course, we started school August 20. (It's just too hot to start in August).

I'm a CA girl, too, and remember well the Labor Day weekend--last days of summer.

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