The Morning After

Well, yesterday was a mixed bag. I was feeling fine until the afternoon, and then I was sick again. I still got some writing done, but ugh. My son got the spacers put in his teeth in preparation for braces, and he's NOT happy, Bob. I asked my hubby and he said, hey, he'd been there, and well, it hurts. Not much you can do. Poor boy.

We watched Flight 93 last night in honor of the day, and I had forgotten lots. We were trying to find the one that they had made from a documentary, but Blockbusters doesn't carry it any more. We thought that was an interesting commentary.

We also thought it was interesting that while the report on the war said we are doing great on all the things we were trying to accomplish, there was just one area of difficulty, and that's the one everyone reported on. Give me a break, huh? Can't something be positive??? Of course not -- this is the media.

The water got turned on in the garden and I think it was left on all night again...this has been the worst year for our garden. Our tomatoes are just now beginning to turn red. I was hoping to be canning salsa...don't think so. At least we'll have apples and applesauce -- I get to go gather from my brother's pear tree too. We love pears. Our peach tree had a whole 4 peaches, I think...sigh. Poor thing is dying out. We do have pumpkins! I'm excited, anything beats buying them.

Hubby got the downstairs bathroom pretty much finished!! It's sooo gorgeous with the new tile, I just can't stand it. I was just walking back and forth on it yesterday while he was finishing installing the toilet and he was like, what are you doing? I told him I was enjoying the floor. He really wonders about me

And...ta dah! Our youngest daughter finally finished her adult diploma! Did she tell me? No... I know who's who in this house, let me tell you. Dad is the one they all go talk to...sigh.

So...still feeling kind of yucky, I'm going to lay down for a while and then get back to living. Got lots of laundry still to do, sewing to get finished and writing. hmmm...just a few things.


This thing comes back on you over and over. So take it easy for a little while.
Sandra said…
Hey, e-mail me when you are feeling better and we'll talk about holiday party schedules. But, first you need to take it easy and rest so that you feel better.
Tristi Pinkston said…
Congrats on the floor -- and don't overdo!

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