My Life is a Blog

I've begun to think that I need to take my camera everywhere with me. I've thought that way for a long time because I'll be driving along and see a gorgeous view and wish I had my camera with me, but lately it's been because of the blogging.

I'll be doing something or the kids will do something cute and I'll think, man! I should have gotten a picture of that -- everyone would laugh. I just never think that in time to get the actual shot! Oh well.

However, I don't want to become too picture happy. I've been to blogs where that is basically all their site is -- pictures. I love pictures, and I like seeing the people that I'm reading the thoughts of, but what I'm out there for is to read. I like to read what they write. Mostly, it's humorous and I enjoy humor.

I wish I wrote more of it, and wrote it better.

But anyway, last night was my son's bday party. He wanted to go see a movie (we give them an option, the dollar theater or swimming since we have a family pass. All we'd have to do is pay for the guests...he picked the movie theater this time...sigh.) and the only one playing at a decent time was Evan Almighty. What a hoot! There was one kid that kept asking if Spiderman 3 was playing and if we could see that instead. When he found out that Pirates 3 was playing, he got real excited and asked why we weren't watching that one. It took several repetitions before he finally got the idea that we were watching Evan Almighty -- despite what he wanted. It wasn't his bday party. Right?

But anyway, the movie was great fun, and they all enjoyed it. Turned out to be a great choice. If you haven't seen it, you ought to. Nice clean fun for a change.


Anonymous said…
i am so with you on the blogging thing -- that i want to read the blogs i visit (i love the occasional pictures, but i am there mainly to read). amen sister! :) kathleen
Karlene said…
I enjoyed that movie too. I went "under duress" and really did not expect to like it at all. But I did. I thought it was a great look (albeit very humorous) at what it might be like if God actually talked to someone today, how family and friends, co-workers might respond. And I wasn't too offended by it--but I thought the dog joke was unnecessary.
G. Parker said…
oh yeah...the dog joke just went a little far, but fortunately they kept it to a minimum.

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