Someone Put Me Out of my Misery!

Okay...sometime between my visiting teaching and going to Curves with my daughter, I got sick. I didn't feel it really until I started the routine at Curves, but by the time I went around once, I was ready to quit and go home. I ached all over, my stomach hurt and just generally felt lousy. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was lay down. And all of my sons were supposed to go to a Court of Honor last night!! I missed it! I'm so mad. Thankfully, I think one of my sons took pictures. Anyway...didn't get any writing done, finished the book I was reading, ate some Top Ramen which didn't taste good and went to bed. I was ROASTING! ugh. Today I'm freezing. There's got to be a happy medium somewhere. And I didn't get any writing done yesterday - other than my blog...sigh. Maybe I can pound stuff out while I'm siting here vegetating...
Have I mentioned what a wonderful hubby I have? He's staying home and taking care of me today...sigh.


Oh my goodness. I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you've got that creepin' crud that's been going around. That's never a good thing.

Sweet hubby taking care of you. That rocks.

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