Yard Sales!

Okay...I'm not sure it's a good thing or not. Yard sales are the most fun, frustrating, wonderful thing ever invented. We found 10 movies this morning at a yard sale...sigh. We also found a wonderful camera for $50 that is way better than the one we bought 5 years ago for $700...is that pathetic or what?

My hubby found a hard drive for his sister, not bad, I was drooling over the camping cooler/grill set that was amazing, didn't EVEN ask for the price of that one. They had a gorgeous TV next door that we refused to ask the price of -- no one had a graphite tennis racquet!!! sigh. I might be forced to buy one...but we really wanted to try and find one used. They are pretty cheap now though...

Hubby got a motorcycle off of KSL that he's been fixing up, and having fun with -- I'm so excited for him. I'll have to grab a photo so you can see it.
So...we've just been spending money, huh?

Have a good one.


Keeley said…
YAY for garage sales! =)

Ewww for having to find the places to put our wonderful purchases once we've purchased them... =D =D
Anonymous said…
i am soooo tempted every single time i drive by a yard sale or thrift shop. i try to restrain myself! :) i have been a good girl lately and just looked at one recently. there was one item that i really wanted, but the guy wouldn't come down on the price at all, so i walked away.

kathleen :)

the "pull" to go look is strong. sounds like star ward -- "the force" (ha) -- watch out for the dark side of the force (ha).
Karlene said…
My daughter (the one expecting a baby) wanted a rocking chair, but they are sooo expensive. I was on the way to the grocery store and drove my a yard sale that had exactly the style she was looking for--for ONLY $2.00!! (Yes, that's two dollars. I did not forget a zero.)

One arm needs to be tightened ($0) and the cushions need recovering ($15) and it's good as new. I couldn't believe it.
G. Parker said…
That is sooo cool you found a rocker! I tell you, sometimes you find the best stuff...but many times I have to just say - forget it - we don't need anymore stuff!! lol

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