Anyone like Hawaii?

Sigh. We have a sort of chance to go to Hawaii next weekend, but it's not going to happen. We have a time share and we picked Hawaii this year (it's a long story)but we can't afford to fly! Have you looked at the prices of airlines to there??? UGH! So, I saw this one someone else's blog, and figured it was at least a thought in the right direction. If anyone wants to go and can afford the airfare, we'll rent the week for cheap!! Honest!

76. I love my mother-in-law. She can drive me crazy sometimes, but she's a sweetie. Just today I was telling her about this week in Hawaii, and she was like, well, if you had told me earlier, we could have used it! Oh well.

77. I got to have lunch with my daughters today. It was way fun, but don't ever eat at Winger's if you're in a hurry.

78. I never thought I'd struggle to talk about myself, (just ask my hubby, I can be chatty) but this has been hard. I love to go on cruises!

79. I've been on two cruises. One to the Bahamas, and one to Alaska. I'd take the one in the Bahama's any time, just because we liked to be able to swim in warm water, and we loved Snorkeling.

80. I've never really been east of Denver. I've flown through Cincinatti, and went out from Fort Lauderdale and sat in the airport in Atlanta...but I don't think that counts -- I didn't get to see anything.

81. I've not been back to my mission since I've been home. It's really sad. My hubby hasn't either, and we might actually get to next's still up for debate.

82. I hadn't seen most of Utah until our family took a trip several years ago and basically went from one end to the other.

83. I love Lake Powell. If you want to read a good book about it, read Wet Desert

84. I almost got to go to Hawaii this weekend...but it was not to be. My mother-in -law was even going to pay for it!

85. My mom is on the bird committee.

86. I'm going to join our wards volleyball team this Thursday. I'm way excited!! My hubby recommends that I wrap my wrist so that I don't get a big bruise on it again.

87. There's nothing like a sweet kiss from my 12 year old when he gets home from school.

88. There's nothing quite like forcing your 17 year old to do his homework when he doesn't want to...sigh.

89. Does anyone else celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving? I am way excited...I look at it as an opportunity to have roasted turkey twice!

90. There is simply not enough hours in the day to do all the canning you need to do before apples go bad! I'm thinking I need a bigger steamer...

91. An autistic teenager is twice as fun as a normal one...NOT! Man I was dreading these years, and now I know why.

92. ADHD is not an acronym for Actually Doing Heavy Dishes or Aaron Didn't Help David.

93. I was told that I was the perfect size at age 16. Now if I could just go back to then...

94. My kids tell me I look way younger than I am. When I was younger, I was told I looked way older. When did that happen and how do I keep it up? Maybe I'll get to 16 again after all...

95. I had a job interview today. I'm not holding my breath. I've applied for no less than 10 jobs with the school district through the past year, and haven't been offered any of them. At least I had an interview with this one...

96. I have 5 completed novels. They just haven't been published yet...

97. I have 10 more that I'm working on. My hubby says that I probably have twice that many, I just don't have them all at the same location, so who knows where they all are. My daughter says she has a whole file full of story ideas...good grief!

98. Keeping track of 4 boys and their school papers and grades is a full time job. anyone want it??

99. I wish my daughter would drop her boyfriend and find a life of her own for a while. I'm sure all of you have similar experiences, but she's driving us crazy because her whole life revolves around the guy. and, usually, nothing she does is ever good enough for him. We'd like to choke him sometimes...personally.

100. Well! I finally reached it! The goal! This feels like my nano writing moment...I finally reached 50,000! Well..I finally got to the end of this...sorry if I've bored anyone. ;-) I collect Tea pots! Really. I just started a couple of years ago because we found some at a yard sale, and I thought they were darling. Now I have almost 7, and one is brand new from China. My sister just got back from adopting her little girl, and picked one up for me. It's gorgeous.


Good job you did it ... i'm pretty sure I could not come up with 100 things about me. Thanks for sharing these tid bits with us.
Keeley said…
Hey! Way cute teapot. =)

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