Did You Get the License of That Truck?

Last night I was involved in a hit and run. I think it was a huge truck, but I was laying on the ground, on my hands and knees, and wondering what in the world had happened.

In actuality, it wasn’t a truck, it was a small fuzzy yellow ball and a graphite tennis racquet. Ugh. I think I mentioned before how much I love tennis – well, my family is really big on playing tennis. We play it every week. In the winter, we rent a court for an hour and a half every Wednesday and play. The little kids get to come and hit against a ball machine my dad bought a couple of years ago, and then if there are adults, we finally play a game.

I’ve not played for quite a while. One – because I felt too out of shape. Well, that there was nothing more evident than that last night. Man oh man! My hubby came and hit balls with me before everyone else got there, and that was only 15 minutes, but we were both hot and sweaty. He couldn’t believe it. He shook his head at me and said “I’ve been swimming almost every day for the past year and this is the shape I’m in?”

We hate being in our 40's. Can I even begin to express the frustration we feel with our aging bodies? Sigh.

Anyway, we helped collect the balls as the grandkids hit against the machine, and then my brother announced we were going to play a game -- my nephew and I on one side, my hubby and he on the other. I warned my nephew, this was not going to be pretty.

That’s how I ended up on the ground. It’s kind of hard to chase after those balls when you’ve been out of shape for so long. I was determined to get that ball! I was going to show them that I could still play!

But I was going too fast for my own feet and stumbled and fell, knees and hands first. My hubby was afraid I’d hurt myself, which a year or so ago, that would have been the case. But, I was fine, I laid there for a minute and shook my head. It was pathetic.

I was just happy that most of my serves actually made it over the net. But I was still so out of shape that I was wheezing really bad and my side ached. I haven’t had a side ache in forever! I felt like I was back in junior high and running laps on Friday and not making the fourth lap...sigh.

I think Curves has done some good though...I hardly feel anything this morning. I was afraid my back was going to be out, and my arm wasn’t going to be of any use and – well, all the usual stuff when I would fall like that. Amazing. I guess at least I’m in some kind of shape.

I can hardly wait for next week.


YOu sound like me and volleyball .... only I never was any good-- just like to play. We usually play at the church on Thursday nights, and last week i dove after several balls and had some lovely bruises... and by friday evening after sitting at the concert, I could hardly stand -- talk about bieng out of shape! I'm only 33 HOW did this happen to ME?! :D
Keeley said…
Your first paragraph frightened me! I got all concerned for you. =D

Hold on a mo...grandkids? I didn't know you had grandkids! There is no way you're old enough. Unless you were like....a bride in Kentucky or something.

Good for you not aching and stuff this morning. =) =)
Keeley said…
Tag! Tag! I'm tagging you. =) If you'd like to participate, please link back to me and tell us 7 things about you and then tag 7 others you'd like to learn about. You then do as I'm doing and leave them a comment that tells them they been tagged. =)
That just sounded painful! But I'm glad you're workouts at Curves have helped you to get into better shape and you're not paying the price for playing tennis so aggressively. That's a good thing, right?
Anonymous said…
ah be strong hon. good for you for not giving up. good for you for striving to do good for yourself and your family. take care, kathleen
G. Parker said…
lol - I don't have grandkids yet..thank heavens!! But my brothers and sisters have lots! I meant theirs! Hmm...guess I should have said nieces and nephews...lol

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