I Can Only Imagine!

This was posted over at Tristi's blog. I love the song -- it always brings me to tears. This morning at my house was yet another example of how my savior loves me and mine. I thought it an appropriate day to post this. I owe him everything.


Anne Bradshaw said…
I've found a few good church YouTubes recently, which is great. Just put one on my sidebar about our Temples. Hope they make some of Conference talks soon. Would love to post those. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative and nasty videos out there, so it's nice to have the real deal to let folks see the truth about us.
Great song! thanks for sharing it and the video!
Anonymous said…
hi there,
thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

i, too, love love love love this song and i posted about this song a month or so ago. this song always gets to me everytime i hear it, especially the part where they say, "will i be able to speak at all?" oh, that gets me everytime. the writer and the singer so nailed this one. thanks for sharing, kathleen :)
Tristi Pinkston said…
I'm so glad you liked the song!

I must, however, point out the typo in my name. :)

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