What am I doing here????

Well, I'm here. What most of the world will call paradise. While last week I spent the whole time wanting to be here, the whole flight yesterday I thought...What am I doing? What is wrong with me? Wrong thing to say to my hubby when I spoke to him after getting here and getting settled in. (Ugh...taxi cost $35 just to get to my condo from the airport...memo to me, print more info before leaving home!)

I was so tired, and I wasn't happy because my family wasn't with me. I kept getting odd looks because I was by myself going to Hawaii...Hello! Doesn't anyone else in the world travel by themselves?

Anyway...it's gorgeous, really! But it just feels...empty. My family isn't here. I didn't realize how much I would miss even the kids...usually I don't. My hubby is a forgone conclusion -- that's an ache that won't go away until I get home, but I'm determined to make their gift to me worth while. I will enjoy myself if it's the last thing I do!! LOL Shopping this morning made a big difference. I knew that getting out and getting to know the location would help.

I don't have a way to hook up my camera, so photos will have to wait until I get home. It feels so much like Mexico, it makes me laugh. I haven't been in the water yet...that's coming. I'm even going to go snorkelling.

I read an article on the plane yesterday about blogging. It said that everyone should blog. Blogging was like another way for people to converse -- especially if they are far apart. People might think that it's a silly thing, and that a lot of the stuff was stupid that gets posted, but that it's an important thing. I thought that was cool. I am part of a movement that's important! And so are all of you that read them.

I had to laugh...the article pointed out that there might be some that don't get more than 10 readers a day. When have I ever had 10 readers a day??? what a hoot.

Well...I'm off for to find the bus route info. My goal is to go all the way around the island and see the whole view of the ocean. I'm hoping to get to Pearl Harbor tomorrow.

Everyone have a good one! Aloha!!


I can't wait to read about how your trip is and I can't wait to see your pictures. Have fun for all of us who would love to have came along!
Tristi Pinkston said…
Yeah, shopping will help a great many sadnesses . . .

I wish I wish I wish I could come with you to see Pearl Harbor! That's a dream of mine that I hope will someday come true. To be honest, that's the only pull Hawaii has for me -- I'd much rather to go the Greek Islands or someplace a little less touristy. Sniffle a little for me while you're there, okay?
Keeley said…
I know exactly how you feel. I went on a "women's retreat" once. It was just one night...or maybe it was two, I forget, but it was awful! I missed my family so much and I felt kind of...unbalanced. Like because there wasn't a child on my hip I couldn't stand up straight or something.

Good for you, though, for being determined to enjoy it for your family. =) I hope you end up being able to relax and enjoy yourself. =)

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