Words Flow Like ... Mud

There are many times when I can't go to sleep because my mind won't let me. It whirls with thoughts of the day, stories I'm working on, or want to start, music that intertwines most of my waking day, and contemplations of what needs to be done tomorrow.

And then it's time to get up. I'm in a fog, and the thoughts don't want to jiggle out of my consciousness. It feels, most of the time, like pulling an Elephant through mud. It takes me a good hour to get my mind working in the morning. Fortunately, during that time, my kids are getting ready for school and I use that time to read emails and get stuff done while they are focused on dressing and eating and running out the door.

I was reading a book by Patrick McManus today on his writing. He says he sets aside two hours every day to write. Now, strange as this seems, I've heard that a time or two. A writer should budget time every day to write. I've tried to do this, generally in the mornings, but as I've just described to you, that time isn't working.

Apparently, I need to rethink my schedule. Now that I'm working, writing after 9 am isn't going to work. I get home after 1 pm, so I'm thinking I might have to use that time to write, but I want to eat lunch and read. sigh. Do I want to read or do I want to be a writer? I guess that is the question I have to ask myself. I could write from 2 to 4 -- but that's when my kids all come home. So...it's a challenge. But, I'm going to do it. My hubby will be shocked...but I've made myself change several habits during the past year, I can do this.

I'll let you know how it goes. lol


good luck with the time budget!

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