Anyone Want Some Cats???

You can have them for free. They are cuddly and friendly and will play with anything! They even sleep cute. ;)

To be honest, they also poop and pee on everything handy. The floor, carpets on the floor, love sacks, coats...need I go on? ARGH!! Just this morning I have caught three of them! I have since banned all of them from the house. We have litter boxes up stairs and down stairs! They have loads of places we WANT them to use, but do they use them? Only one of them does. sigh.

While we were gone to fish lake they decided the new little rug I had purchased to hide a hole in the installed carpet was their new litter box. My daughter couldn't believe it. It ended up in the wash and outside to dry. It got pooped on again this morning. I don't get it with them!! I've about had it with ALL cats.

Anyone have any secrets?

And, on another note -- I can't think of a title for my story I'm doing for Nano. I realize it's not a big deal, you don't have to have a title to get the 50,000 words, it's just nice to have one. I usually have one before I start writing, or at least by the time I get half way through. sigh. No dice. Everything I've come up with sounds cheesey. Adventure in Paradise. Murder in Hawaii. ugh.

I guess it will eventually come to me.

Well, got to get my sons moving -- there's no sounds coming from the shower, so I had better wake him up again. Have a good one!


Uhg! I hate animals in the house. We've had them inside from time to time, and I always swear I'll never allow it again, but . . . We even had a calf inside once. Makes me think cats/dogs/whatever aren't so smelly after all.

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