Okay, okay, breathe...I'm behind. I mean, I'm really behind. I'm supposed to be at about 25,000 words by now, because I explained my budgeted words, right? Well, Friday I didn't enough words out, and Saturday I didn't get any typed in. I did get some written, but I don't know how many they were because I haven't transcribed them yet. So I sit at 17,266. AHHHH I hate it when I get this behind -- I feel the pressure building in my chest and anxiety kicks in. I get nervous and pace around the house, doing nothing productive, but not able to sit at the computer either.

The other problem is I have work. Okay...I can survive that. But then I have to take our car in this afternoon to be checked. great. I'll just have to write as much as I can today. Good thing my daughter is making dinner...

Unfortunately, my other daughter has been planning on moving this weekend, and she might call tonight for help...ARGH!!!!


Me too. Wanna form a club?
Karlene said…
Breathing is always a good thing. Then get back to it. You can do it, I know you can. :)
G. Parker said…
Always join a club with you! grin. At least I got some writing done while waiting for the car! ;)
Keeley said…
Thing about goals's a personal goal, and it's ok, when life gets in the way, to adjust the pressures one puts on oneself, otherwise one can go insane and ARGH!!! and things. =D

Looking at it from another pov, I think it's wonderful you've managed to get 17,266 words! Seventeen THOUSAND words!!! Holy COW. That's some achievement!

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