Here we go into week 2

I can't believe it's the 7th already. I know I said week 2 the last posting, but it just seems strange to say that when it's only the 7th -- I mean, aren't there just 7 days in a week? Anyway, this month is going by so fast, and I thought October had! sigh. Already I'm dreaming of pumpkin pies with whipped topping. I even have the pie crusts defrosting in the fridge -- thinking it's time to make a pie.

But who has time to make a pie when I'm writing!!! lol I'm up to 12856 as of yesterday, so I'm right on top of things. Now it's trying to keep the plot going in my head as I'm doing other things...

Do you think something going on in the Polynesian Cultural Center would be too much of a stretch?


Don said…
Do you mean is having your plot run through the PCC too much of a stretch? I hope not - my current WIP is set in Laie, and the PCC plays a significant role.

Good job on the word count - 13,000 in seven days is awesome!
G. Parker said…
Thanks! Now you have me curious about yours! grin.

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