Hey -- Wasn't That My List?

Every time I turn around lately, I see evidence that the one can change the majority. Now, if that were true with good vs. bad, I would rejoice. Unfortunately, it's generally against the good that the one raises it's voice.

Take this latest story for example. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I mean, hello? If a woman is offended by a Santa -- she needs to have some evaluating done. Santa's been 'Ho, Ho, HO' ing for the past how many years? Not that something is right simply because how long it has been going on, but it just kills me.

Another example is Veterans Day. I read an article that stated a law had been passed preventing a 'prayer' to be said while folding the flag at a Veteran's funeral. One person was offended. ONE! And they were not a veteran, so what were they worried about? It wasn't going to happen at their funeral!

Stuff like this really bothers me. It makes me wish there was something I could do. The only problem is, there isn't anything I can do. I'm too much of a no-body. If I had clout -- if I were famous -- I could make the world stand up and take notice. Although, sometimes that just brings ridicule and nothing gets done.

They talk about grass roots and working with the average person...well, I'm an average person, but my word doesn't count for anything. My vote doesn't even really count, though I'm certainly going to exercise my right to do it. I don't like the electoral college thing, I think the whole system should be revamped, but that's for another blog.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion -- other than running for office, which I wouldn't win anyway, let me know. There has got to be a way the moral right can finally have some say.

On word count...grin...I'm up to 27006 words so far. I've got to get to 40,000 before Thanksgiving, or I'll be really behind. Can you believe it's Thanksgiving next week? Crazy.


Keeley said…
I REALLY liked your post today! I have that feeling too, about being an average person and my vote not counting for diddly squat. *sigh* =(

I am very very interested in your opinions on the electoral college and revamping the whole system. I've never heard that opinion before and I'd love to hear more....when you're not banging out 13,000 words, that is.... =)
G. Parker said…
Thank you, Keeley! That means a lot to me. I'll talk about it after Nano is over...grin. I'm not sure if it will be on this blog or my other one that I reserve for real political ranting called Stupid is as Stupid does...grin. I don't often post on that because it's only when I've got to get something off my chest. Have a good one!

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