I'm Foundering

I'm still writing...but it feels like I'm not. Does that make any sense? It's like the story is foundering and I've got to find some way to pull it back together. Of course, yesterday didn't really help, things were a little crazy. So, while I still got my word count in, it doesn't feel right. I'm hoping I have more of a chance today.

We purchased Ratatouille last night -- most of my kids haven't seen it and my 17 year old was just bursting out laughing. It did my heart good to have him enjoy such a simple clean movie. Life is good.


Keeley said…
Hang in there! It's great to read all your updates. =)

It's nice when there's a film the whole family can love, isn't it? =)
Jennifer Wilks said…
Good luck getting out of your writing slump. I just got out of one today by just making something up and running with it. The NaNoWriMo newsletter suggested catching something on fire or something to really get your book going. Instead, I just invented an event that was happening in the place my story was set. I also jump around in the story when I don't know what to write next. Shannon Hale said she writes "blah blah blah" when she doesn't know what to write next and then picks up in another part of the story. She comes back and fills it in later.

Anyway, sorry that got so long-winded. Good luck!

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