It's Friday!

And the skys are clear...Is that a song? I'm not sure, but it worked. grin. I love watching the geese fly in, all in formation and land in the fields behind our home -- much later than usual, so I guess the rumor is true that it's going to be a light winter, sigh.

I love watching the sum come up from my window, it helps remind me how grateful I am for everything -- especially living where I do. It's hard to drive past all the new developments, knowing that they are ruining the landscape that once was. What amazes me is that they have people that move into these places...I keep wondering where these people are all coming from!!:) I know, California! lol

Anyway, about got caught up with words yesterday, and finally came up with a title! It's going to be The Hibiscus Ladies. I know, it doesn't roll off your tongue, but it works with the book. grin

So, word count is 29380, and we are moving upward and onward! Isn't life great?


Nicole said…
Okay, first my response to your post. I totally agree. I feel the same way watching trees, plants, wildlife be killed or removed to make room for more and more things that don't get used. We had a new shopping plaza put in right by our house, where they tore down hundreds of trees. This happened about two years ago. There are only three business' that have moved into that shopping plaza so far. Sad but true. :(

On a much brighter note, and the main reason I wanted to comment:

I absolutely LOVE your blog! I don't know how I hadn't found it before, but I sort of stumbled upon it somehow. ANYWAY, I love it.

I'm NaNoing too, so I was automatically a friend as soon as I saw that! :)

I also have never heard of cre8buzz so now I'm all curious about that, though apparently the site isn't "open to the public" yet. Any idea how long that will take? I liked what I saw.

Anyway, I will definitely bookmark you and add you to my blog roll.

Oh, and I'm Nicole - It's nice to meet you!

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