Thanksgiving Was Wonderful

Mine was wonderful, how was yours? I didn't get much writing done over the weekend though, so I'm going to be very busy this week. sigh.

We did the Friday shopping thing, but it really wasn't bad by the time we got out there, which was after 8 am...We stopped at three places, got what we wanted, and were done. That's my kind of shopping. My hubby is a sweetheart and waits in line for me while I shop. We met a lady that said her hubby agreed to be their driver as long as they kept him supplied with coffee. I thought that was cool...and a story in the making.

We dragged some of the Christmas stuff out and I got several rooms cleaned, but nothing really put up yet. My hubby hates this time of year. He feels there is too much commercialism, it reminds him that he doesn't make enough to support us (in his eyes) and he just hates it. So...I try to do as much as possible without him so he doesn't feel a drain. I'm not sure if it helps or not...

Anyway, oldest son forgot backpack at home so I get to go to work early and take it to him since his sister wouldn't get up and take it for me. At least there's only two days left with the dog issue...I still can't believe he agreed to that one.

Anyway, Less than a month till Christmas everyone -- do you know where your heart is?

Word count as of this morning, 37,200.


Sandra said…
Hey, glad you had a good holiday. I haven't gotten out my Christmas stuff yet, and that is freaking out the kids as I usually take the 2 days after Thanksgiving and really deck the halls! I think I'll only get out a small amount this year and start tonight.

You asked me about a month ago if I had called you, was I supposed to and forgot, did you need/want me to? Did I tell you about our new oil burner for your home?
Tristi Pinkston said…
Fabulous word count, Gaynell! You rock!

As far as the hubby and the guilt thing -- I think that's a common thing with guys. No matter how much they make, they always want to make more. It ties into their sense of mission and stewardship. We can help them best as we show appreciation for what they do and as we budget and take good care of what they do bring home -- but it sounds to me like you've got this well in hand.

Good for you for getting your shopping done that fast -- amazing!
I know how your husband feel and we are not much into the whole decorating thing. When I was a kid, we got our tree on Christmas Eve and left it up until the 1st. My husbands family always got it up the day after Thanksgiving and took it down either on Christmas or the next day. I hate the hassel of keeping kids out of it! Not sure if we are doing a tree this year since we gave the kids a choice of doing the present thing or taking a little trip to Billings and staying at a hotel with an indoor pool.... they chose to take the trip. {They will be getting a few things from the grandparents, so that will be fine!} I think in the end they will remember more the trip than the toys.

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