November is Over...Onto Christmas went by really fast. Possibly because I was so involved with the NaNo, but it went fast. Now we have Christmas, and I'm worried it's going to go as quickly as the rest of the months have gone. I want to enjoy and revel in the season, and I'm afraid I won't be able to. I'm even making sugar cookies today -- I love sugar cookies. They're just difficult to make right, so I don't usually make them.

We had dinner with my daughter and her boy friend yesterday, and it turned out okay. They have brand new furniture in their little townhouse...sigh. I told them, one of these days I'm going to have new furniture. My hubby assured me that we six years when our youngest is 18 -- yeah. Then we'll have grandkids...

Anyway, I took a photo of our back yard with the snow, it was so gorgeous I thought I'd share. Hope you've all had a wonderful first weekend of Christmas!


That is a great picture! I love snow on the branches ... but you can keep the snow!
Keeley said…
Oh my, so beautiful to look at! What a great picture. =)

As to the furniture: if you have new stuff you're constantly saying "Don't bounce on that! It's new!" and are paranoid about it etc. So much nicer to have old stuff that you don't freak out about when your kids have fights on it or your baby (and grandbaby) throws up on it. =)
Sandra said…
I love the view from your window. I remember watching the snow fall the first time I was there, it was gorgeous.

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