You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch...

Okay, so I feel like a grinch when it comes to our cats. I know I've talked about them before, but today they've really got me ready to throw them out into the snow.

First, they used my tree skirt as a litter box last year, so even though it's been washed, I guess they can still smell it, so one of them -- when they were let in the house during the single digit temperatures -- used it AGAIN! So, that's why you don't see the skirt in the picture, because my hubby moved it last night because they were also playing with it! You see, I made this skirt several years ago, and it has little gold bows on it that they find fun to bite and play with. sigh.

Then, yesterday I finally get the tree decorated the way I like it (trust me, it's been the third time so far this year, and it's about average for me. I'll see something I like better and come home and change it. This is MY tree after all, the kids have their own. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but you get the idea.) and last night they pulled some of the ribbon off and at least one ornament and broke it. We found broken ornament all over the floor. ARGH.

Okay, so I'm telling myself it's only stuff...It's no big deal, but I'm really tired of CATS. So, they may find themselves without presents this year and definitely stuck in the garage for the duration of winter.

That being said...grin.

I have written a essay of sorts at the writersblogck today -- it's not posted at this moment as of 7 am...but it will be later. You might want to check it out. Have a great snowy day!


Karlene said…
I'm sort of ticked at my cats too. We have three. Yesterday we discovered we also have a nest of mice up in our attic. What I want to know is what good are these cats if they can't keep the mice out of my house!
Shellie said…
Your tree looks great! I tried putting a few chocolate chips in my mint tea and after is cools a little if you stir and drink, it's pretty good!
Dogs are so much better! Trust me. I really miss my sister's dog, Sweetie. When they moved to North Dakota I was ready for all the dog hair to be gone. But now, I really miss him! We didn't have any cat problems while he was here. (He was an Anatolian Shepherd weighing at 150 pounds and stood on all fours doorknob high.)

But your tree looks great!
Sorry abt the cat trouble. Hope you all survived the Christmas Day activites. All the best in the new year.

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