I Have a New Job...sort of

My job changed a little last week. It was decided that they needed a person to do some tracking and that my position was in the best spot to do that. sigh. They wanted me to up my hours to 26 per week...which is more than I was working last year at Meadowlark. I told them I couldn't do that much, perhaps 25 at the most.

Today was my first real day doing both jobs. I stop at a particular time and move on to the other work. It's weird, and I'm not sure if I'm liking it yet because it means I get home at about the same time as my sons, and there isn't any time of quiet reflection -- or reading...grin. Anyway, it's more money, and the only real loss is time that I could spend writing. Perhaps this will force me to be more organized...we can only hope.

Got my two daughters to read through my editing manuscript yesterday. I need to find someone that isn't related to me and see if they have a different point of view...grin. My kids like my stories. They are avid readers, so I would hope they have a bit of knowledge. sigh. Anyway...need to get working on the contest submission, time is running out on both ends!


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