I Need a New Brain

Okay...my sons have this swimming merit badge that they are working on with the ward. They have swimming every Monday and Wednesday. One son has already missed one day because we didn't know it was a do or die thing and he wasn't finished with his homework. It was a consequence issue and we felt it was important. If we'd known that missing one day would jeopardize his whole merit badge, we probably would have sent him since it's already been paid for.

Well, we have since found out that he can still get it, yada yada... So...last night we have tennis that my family plays every Wednesday at 5:30. Same time as the kids are supposed to be up at the church to go swimming. I totally spaced off the swimming, and so did my hubby. So did the two boys. So...we get home from tennis and realize what day it is, what time it is and that --dang! They've missed another night of swimming!

So now what do we do? Keep sending them in the hopes that we can make up the classes they've missed on our own? Does anyone know anything about the scouting program? All I know is that it's a pain in the butt -- sorry if that offends anyone, but I've not been that impressed with a program that costs money for everything they do and pressures kids to be like the other ones. Like they need more peer pressure?

Okay, I'll calm down now. I'm fine. I'm just irritated -- can you tell? grin.

It's another cold morning -- something like 6 degrees, with windchill something like negative 2 and can I get my 17 year old to wear a coat?? Nada. sigh. I told him all the kids I see on my way to work (I work next to the high school)have jackets or coats and stuff. I swear one of these days he's going to catch pneumonia and I'll have to decided if I say 'I told you so' or not.

Obviously I'm in a rotten mood, so I guess I'll end before I spew forth anything else negative.

Try to have a better start than I did! ;)


Tristi Pinkston said…
Hey there,

I'm going to just share my two cents about Scouting. I've heard good things and bad things about it my whole life. Now I'm the Bear leader in my ward, and I have to say, it's a fabulous program. I really believe that people who have had issues with it are living in areas where it's not being administered properly. Scouts doesn't encourage the boys to be all the same. There are a scad of badges to earn, and if your boy isn't interested in one of them, they can work on something that's a little more up his alley. I've seen my son grow and progress amazingly since he started last year, and I love seeing him work toward something and earn it.

Gaynell, I would say that the way Scouts is administrated in your ward is to blame, not the program itself. Talk with your son's Scout leaders about badges that are more to his liking. And you can do the program at home, too -- the parent can sign off anything the boy does.

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