Les Misables

I got to see Les Miserables for the at least second time this week. I've seen it professionally, I think, or at least the movie -- I'm not sure. (Do I really have a brain?) But anyway, a local high school was putting it on, and they did such an amazing job! The main characters had voices that were every bit as professional as a Broadway musical, and the sets were excellent. I was very impressed. What impressed me more was that it touched my 16 year old son... I caught him wiping away a tear during a touching part of the play, and I was glad.

I know showing emotion is not typically a 'male' thing, but it's something my sons seem to be able to do rather well. sigh. I don't know if it will be to their benefit or not later, but for now it touches my mother's heart.

It's also snowing again! If I didn't have to drive in it or shovel it, I would be ecstatic! grin. I am very grateful for the moisture we have received. It's been wonderful. Have a good one!


I love Les Miserables! I've never seen it professionally, but Gary Morris' version of the Les Miserables recording (international cast, black background cover) is my absolute favorite.

Snow, snow and more snow. And it's cold too! It's a killer winter so far.
Tristi Pinkston said…
I saw the Liam Neeson movie and was truly touched by it. It was amazing. Of course, it didn't have the music, but it was still an awesome movie.
G. Parker said…
I think I would be interested in watching that...he is such a good actor. sigh.

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