My Objectives for 2008

You'll notice I didn't say resolution. I didn't even say goal, although that's not a bad word. But I don't like the word resolution, and I don't make them anymore.

So, for this year, I have determined that I am going to be the submission queen. I am going to submit at least one article to a magazine/newspaper each month, and one novel/story. I am going to spend 2 hours writing everyday. This will either be editing or writing -- I'm thinking I'll have to rotate, because I have a hard time doing both in the same day, my brain can't handle it...grin.

I will be attending one writing seminar, (great one -- LDStorymakers conference in March) since I can't afford more than one, and this is the best.

I will be focusing on writing this year, so perhaps next year I'll do a little more with painting (It's been recommended that I look into illustrating more, but I'm not sure I have the time for that right now).

So -- pretty basic. Write two hours a day, submit every month, and we'll see what December brings. I'm an optimist -- I say I'll have a contract by then...

What about your new year?


Reading this, I realized I never made any "resolutions" this year with regards to writing. I suppose I'll have to accept my ongoing goals as my resolutions, for their tough enough at the moment: continue to improve in my writing skills, learn more about marketing, get my book published. I'll be in writer's heaven if I get that last one.
G. Parker said…
You and me both!! grin.
C. L. Beck said…
You go, girl! We'll help you celebrate when you have a contract!
That sounds like a great plan. I wish you well with it. :)
Anonymous said…
You've reminded me of something I committed to in November after attending a writing conference: submit to local publications and periodicals instead of blogging so much. Someone asked (at the conference) to explain the difference between a blog and a website, and the speaker (an agent in this instance) said TIME. Blogging takes an enormous amount of time to maintain compared to a website. Plus, she said, while you're blogging, you're not working on what you need to be working on to get publishsed.

Hmmm. I guess I need to post this, log off, and start writing that article.

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