Today's Angels?

I just wrote a whole blog about my son and autism and it didn't save it! ARGH! How am I going to remember everything I wrote???

Okay...deep breath...

Most of you are aware that I have an autistic son. I believe he was one of those affected by a bad inoculation. It was pretty much a normal talkative son one day and then one who could not tell me shapes and colors the next.

Anyway...I was reading an article today at work about autism and how 1 in every 94 boys is diagnosed with it. I thought it was interesting how this has suddenly become an issue and wondered why there would be so many young people now with this problem. I realize that much of it relates to diagnosis abilities, and new scientific information, but I don't think it's all due to that.

Many of us have grown up with the whole Saturdays Warrior story. That was 30 years ago...yeah, we're getting old...and so perhaps, these spirits coming down now are ones that were even more valiant. Ones that need special protections from Satan and the world to help them get back to the Father.

I've heard a story (it could possibly be a urban legend, but I like to think it's true). It's about a young man who was mentally challenged. I think he had Down's Syndrome, but I'm not sure. He went to get a patriarchial blessing, and during the blessing, he was told that he'd been the one to escort Satan out of heaven and the mental challenges he had were to protect him.

I have since, actually, looked it up, and they claim that it's probably not true, because blessings are to be totally private and a patriarch would not share this with anyone.

But, the thought remained with me -- perhaps the reason so many of these youth have this mental challenge is because they were special spirits.

I realize all of our children are special. I am not trying to say my son is better than anyone else's. I just had the thought that perhaps the reason there are so many of them at this time is for that reason. What do you think?

For my part, my son is a teenager with a normal teenage attitude most of the time. Yesterday he was ordained a Teacher, and was pretty proud of it. I was proud of him too, and figure if nothing else, he is trying.

I'm just thankful for his sweet spirit and the gift of him in our lives.


Andy Lemmon said…
My brother is autistic, so I've heard those same numbers and also wondered the same thing. I probably wouldn't say that those challenges are there to protect him. He does have gifts that come with the autism that make him more resistant to certain temptations that many struggle with, though also because of the autism, he's open to others that many other people wouldn't struggle with.
G. Parker said…
I know...but it helps when I think of the things he probably won't do... Thanks for the comment!
Sounds like a good theory to me. And who knows abt the story, A mother or father might have present and thought that this kind of info could help sdomeone else dealing ... who knows. We have an autistic young man in our ward and he surprised him parents by blessing the scarament yesterday. I think the whole ward was proud of him. He's been sitting up there with the other Priests for a few months now.
Mom2My6Kids said…
My friends has 2 little boys and they both have been diagnosed recently with autism. She is trying to cope with the news. I am going to pass this on to her. She is looking for some kind of explanation to hold on to at this point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And thanks for visiting my blog! I love to find other moms in similar situations and where you children are older than mine, I'm coming to you for advice.
G. Parker said…
You're least I can be a shoulder to cry on...grin. Tell your friend that they are still special boys and to take one day at a time. Hopefully she lives in a good school district, that makes all the difference as well.

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